Student Opportunities: Peer Teaching

Students Teaching Students at the ExCollege

Peer teaching has been an integral part of the Experimental College for nearly fifty years. Students with an expertise in a particular area can plan and teach a course to their peers. The course is generally offered for one credit and is graded pass/fail, and any undergraduate can enroll. A Tufts faculty member will serve as a resource during both the development and teaching of the course.

All undergraduates teaching in the Experimental College are required to take EXP 90 Leading a Seminar during the semester their class is taught. The seminar meets once a week to talk about the particular problems and ideas that have come up in the course of their teaching. Experiences are shared, suggestions and help given, and frequently students are asked to make brief reports on alternative teaching methods, educational philosophies, and the like.

Students teaching full-credit courses will receive two course credits (graded on a pass/fail basis) for teaching the course and attending EXP 90. Those teaching half-credit courses will receive one full credit for teaching and attending EXP 90.

For more information please stop by the ExCollege office at 95 Talbot Avenue or apply online.

The deadline for Spring 2016 Peer Teaching Applications is October 30, 2015.

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