Student Opportunities: Interview Subcommittees

Students and faculty play a large role in the selection of ExCollege courses. Each semester the ExCollege has approximately 50 student volunteers that help interview teaching candidates.

The ExCollege prides itself on obtaining a student perspective on each candidate's application before making a final course selection. In doing so, Tufts students have a unique opportunity to help shape which courses are offered at Tufts. Not many students at Tufts have a voice in what classes are offered, but the ExCollege values student interviewers for their honest feedback and genuine student perspective.

This is also a great opportunity to meet other students and faculty members at Tufts and to gain valuable interview experience.

How does it work?
For each applicant to be interviewed, the ExCollege creates a subcommittee comprised of two students and one faculty member to conduct the interview. One interview lasts about 20-30 minutes. Each subcommittee member commits about two hours of his/her time to lead 5-6 interviews. The subcommittee then collectively completes a feedback form that is subsequently reviewed by the ExCollege Board during the final selection process. The total time commitment is short, but the value is immeasurable.

How do I get involved?
Contact us at or at 617-627-3384.

Quotes from past student interviewers
"I thought hearing how these 'professionals' were going to bring their expertise into the classroom was fascinating. The way each interviewee adapted their daily work into a syllabus allowed me to think differently about what they did, and how I could utilize it.

"Also... being on an interview subcommittee, at least for me, was a very different experience. Usually I am the one being interviewed, so I feel in the hot seat, but doing the interviewing gives you a sweet sense of power and a vantage point from the other side of the table." – Benji Cohen, 2011

"Being in an interview subcommittee was a great experience; it was a very low time commitment that yielded a modest effect upon the future course offerings of ExCollege. I'm only a freshman, but I got the chance to represent the interests of all undergraduates. Interviewing allowed me to meet all kinds of interesting professors and hear about their sometimes unconventional class proposals. I loved the insider look at future ExCollege classes. All interested should seize the opportunity!" – Laura Kroart 2012

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