The specific requirements for the MMA minor incorporate four elements: work in multimedia practice, taking an appropriate set of electives, enrolling in the CMS Senior Colloquium, and completing a Senior Project

  1. Bullet Multimedia Practice. Each student enrolled in the minor must take at least two full-credit, letter-graded courses from an approved list of classes that introduce students to the tools, methods, and theories current in the field (see section below).

  2. Bullet Electives. In addition, each student must take three full-credit, letter-graded courses selected from classes offered by the supporting departments (Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Art and Art History, Drama and Dance, and Music) or from appropriate classes across the curriculum.

  3. Bullet Senior Colloquium (half-credit, pass/fail). This is a mandatory course for students enrolled in any of the three CMS minors who are doing Senior Projects. It is to be taken in the fall of a student’s senior year and is designed to aid in the planning and successful completion of your Senior Project. 

  4. Bullet Senior Project (full-credit, letter-graded). The Senior Project is an original work which reflects an understanding of and facility with one or more of the expressive and/or conceptual disciplines associated with multimedia. Collaborative projects are strongly encouraged.


  1. Bullet Courses taken for MAJOR credit cannot be counted as MMA electives.

  2. Bullet Only one course in a field related to your major may count as an MMA elective. For example, if a Music major takes one course in Art and Art History, then all other electives must fall outside the arts. Conversely, if a Computer Science major takes one course in Electrical and Computer Engineering, then all other electives must fall outside engineering.

  3. Bullet Where appropriate, a third multimedia practice course may count as an elective.

  4. Bullet All elective choices must be made in consultation with your MMA adviser.