You should check this website on a regular basis for changes in the course listings.

1/ Required Courses.

Experimental College 190BF/CF. Senior Colloquium

Experimental College 194CS. Senior Project

2/ Approved List of Multimedia Practice Courses. 

Art and Art History (FAH) 188. Multimedia and the Visual Arts I. (fall)

Art and Art History (FAH) 189. Multimedia and the Visual Arts II. (spring)

Drama 21. Computer-Assisted Design. (fall)

Drama 22. Introduction to the Art of Multimedia. (spring)

Electrical and Computer Engineering 120. Computer Animation for Technical Communications. (tba)

Engineering Science 88. CAD for Engineers.

Experimental College 56. Making Movies: The Study and Practice of Filmmaking. (spring)

Experimental College 101. Advanced Filmmaking. (permission of instructor required)

Experimental College 102. Advanced Electronic and Digital Media. (permission of instructor required)

Music 51/151. Music for Multimedia I. (fall and spring)

Music 52/152. Music for Multimedia II. (fall)

Music 53/153. Electronic Musical Instrument Design. (spring) Cross-listed as Engineering Science 95ME.

Music 191. Multimedia Projects for Music-Culture Research.

Studio Art (FAM) 65A. Photography and the Computer.

Additionally, you should check courses offered by the Experimental College that are listed as counting for MMA multimedia practice. And you check this site for new courses in multimedia practice as they are developed and approved by the program.

3/ Elective Courses.

Within the guidelines listed on the About the Minor page, the large majority of courses offered by the supporting departments may count as electives -- as could appropriate classes across the curriculum, on a case-by-case basis.

In all cases, it is essential to understand that selecting electives is a highly individual endeavor, one to be done in consultation with your MMA adviser.