The Multimedia Arts minor is administered by the Communications and Media Studies program, in large part because MMA and CMS share such core values as making the means of production widely accessible and promoting the incorporation of media literacy at all levels of learning.

The Multimedia Arts minor helps you develop skills relevant to many careers: project design and implementation, creativity and critical thinking, media and computer literacy, oral and written communication, as well as teamwork and leadership.

Most importantly, these competencies are gained through an integrative approach wherein each student, working closely with an adviser, puts together his or her own plan for navigating the minor.

Students pursuing the Multimedia Arts minor must take a minimum of five courses. In addition, the MMA minor requires that you take a half-credit Colloquium during the fall of your senior year and complete a Senior Project.

A project completed for your major may not be used as the MMA Senior Project. In addition, except for the Senior Colloquium, all MMA classes must be taken for a letter grade. Finally, you cannot “double count” a course for the minor and a foundation requirement.