First Year Programs: Perspectives

The Perspectives program was initiated over twenty-five years ago in order to meet the overwhelming demand from entering students for advising through an ongoing small-group experience. Like Explorations, Perspectives answers this need by offering peer advising, learning, and a strong sense of community within the context of seminars led by two upper-level students. The advising and support components in both programs are very similar, however, Perspectives differs from Explorations in its academic structure because all the seminars share a curriculum grounded in the study of media.

Being in a Perspectives group means learning to be media literate - learning to be an active, aware viewer and reader, one who is able to articulate concerns as to how and why we respond to the onslaught of images which shape so much of contemporary culture. Perspectives seminars apply critical thinking, viewing, and reading skills to an exploration of "media" as a cultural phenomenon and as an industry.

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