Spring 2017 Courses

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(Updated: 01/20/2017)

ExCollege Signature Courses:
Taught By Visiting Lecturers and Teaching Fellows

EXP-0002-VS Losing It: Tales From Girlhood

EXP-0005-GS Horror, Abjection, and You

EXP-0006-VS StorySlam! The Structure and Performance of Live Storytelling

EXP-0014-VS Kanye West & The Poetics of Excess

EXP-0015-VS Fashion: From Frivolous to Fundamental

EXP-0017-VS Art According to the Five Senses

EXP-0018-VS Guerilla and Performance Art & Politics

EXP-0025-VS The Jumbo Imperative: On Elephants and Elephant Conservation

EXP-0026-VS Doctors and Data: Inside Healthcare Data Analytics

EXP-0027-VS Human-Animal Studies

EXP-0040-GS Race in Human Development

EXP-0043-VS Women's Lives in Flight: Stories of Diaspora, Citizenship, and Belonging

EXP-0054-VS Star Wars: How Long Ago? How Far Away?

EXP-0057-VS War Stories: 'Grunt Lit,' Hollywood, and the Making of the U.S. Military

EXP-0060-VS Education Across Borders: Global Migration and Changing Schools

EXP-0061-GS Latin America: Development and Policy-Making

EXP-0074-VS Famous Trials in U.S. History

EXP-0082-VS Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Startups

EXP-0087-XS Microfinance

EXP-0150-VS The Future of Magazines

Peer-Taught Courses:
Tufts undergraduates teach full-credit, pass-fail courses

EXP-0007-PS Queering Childhood

EXP-0012-PS Exploring Broadway's Hamilton

EXP-0022-PS Starting a Tech Company

EXP-0028-PS Baseball Analytics

EXP-0029-PS Outdoor Leadership and Education

EXP-0041-PS Sport and Social Justice

EXP-0042-PS Stories of Place: Science, Social Justice, and the Land

Sponsored Courses:
The ExCollege collaborates with other Tufts programs to offer courses and independent learning opportunities

EXP-0032-XS Personal Career Development

EXP-0051-XS Advanced Documentary Practice

EXP-0053-XS Documentary: History, Theory, and New Directions

EXP-0056-XS History of American Broadcasting

EXP-0058-XS Social Marketing

EXP-0090-S Teaching a Seminar. Woolf

EXP-0096-S Auditing for Breadth. Woolf

EXP-0091-XS EPIIC - Order and Chaos

EXP-0192-PS Independent Study. Woolf

EXP-0192-S Independent Study. Woolf

EXP-0194-FS CMS Senior Project. Dobrow

EXP-0194-HS CMS Senior Project.