Fall 2017 Courses

Information on distribution credit for Arts & Sciences undergrads: Some ExCollege courses have already been submitted to the Academic Review Board (ARB) for possible credit toward distribution requirements. Check with the ExCollege first before petitioning the ARB for credit. You may petition to have a course count for everyone in the class, or just for yourself as a one-time approval. Only one ExCollege course may be used toward the foundation or distribution requirements. After checking with the ExCollege, please follow these instructions.

For the first time in its history, Experimental College courses are open for registration on SIS beginning in April along with all other undergraduate courses.

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(Updated: 10/02/2017)

ExCollege Signature Courses:
Taught By Visiting Lecturers and Teaching Fellows

EXP-0001-F Human Development in the Digital Age

EXP-0002-F Rethinking Disability: From Public Policy to Social Movements

EXP-0003-F Storytelling: Narrative and the Oral Tradition

EXP-0004-F The Right to Privacy in Modern America

EXP-0005-F Ads, Fads and Pop Hits: How Commercial Culture Speaks

EXP-0006-F Accused: The Gap Between Law and Justice

EXP-0007-F Body Capital: Sex Work and the Global Economy

EXP-0009-F Pharmacology and Therapeutics

EXP-0010-F Team Software: What it Takes to Build a Product

EXP-0011-F The Human Project: Science Fiction Film, Society, and Identity

EXP-0012-F The Sound of Nature: Ecomusicology in Practice

EXP-0014-F Bad Parents, Troubled Children: Child Abuse and the Law

EXP-0015-F Digital Marketing

EXP-0016-F Art and Surveillance: Watching and Being Watched

EXP-0017-F A Life Well Lived: Developing Your Personal Strategy While Learning from the Great Thinkers

EXP-0018-F Investing, Psychology, and Human Behavior

EXP-0019-F Who's in the Driver's Seat: Self-Driving Cars, Technology, and Change

EXP-0020-F Memory & Performance: Exploring Memories Through Media, Monologues, and Memento

EXP-0021-F From Bees to Beetles: Insect Pollinators and Real-World Science

EXP-0022-F Novel Songs: Music and Literature in American Culture

EXP-0023-F Explorations in Experimental Cinema: An International Perspective

EXP-0024-F Comics and Graphic Novels: Theory and Practice

EXP-0025-F The Business of Sports: A Study of the NBA

Sponsored Courses:
The ExCollege collaborates with other Tufts programs to offer courses and independent learning opportunities

EXP-0093-ZF Elementary Hindi-Urdu 1

EXP-0070-XBF Basic Rad

EXP-0069-XF Personal Career Development

EXP-0072-XF Philanthropy, Nonprofits, and Community

EXP-0073-XF PNDP On Assignment: Wonderland

EXP-0075-XF Advanced Digital Media

EXP-0076-XF PR & Marketing

EXP-0078-XF Film Criticism: Art and Practice

EXP-0079-XF EPIIC: Is the Liberal World Order Ending?

EXP-0079-XAF Inquiry Teaching Group: Mentor High School Students and Design a Role-Playing Simulation

EXP-0080-XF Writing Fellowship Seminar

EXP-0081-XF Research Ethics and Methodology

EXP-0100-ZEF Leading a First-Year Seminar

EXP-0100-ZPF Leading a First-Year Seminar

EXP-0102-ZEF Teaching Practicum

EXP-0102-ZPF Teaching Practicum

EXP-0104-ZF Teaching Assistants Workshop

EXP-0105-ZFF Independent Study

EXP-0105-ZPF Independent Study

EXP-0106-ZF Auditing for Breadth