Fall 2016 Courses

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(Updated: 11/17/2016)

EXP-0002-GF Lies: From Plato to Politics

EXP-0004-F Art and the Nazis

EXP-0005-GF The Little Prince: The Book and Beyond

EXP-0007-XF Writing Fellowship Seminar

EXP-0008-C Instagram Famous, YouTube Famous, or Just Famous: Exploring the Connections Between Fame & Social Media

EXP-0008-D TheWire: Classic TV & the Drug Trade

EXP-0008-E The Role of the Athlete in Sports Films

EXP-0008-F The New SuperHERoes: Women in Adventure & Science Fiction Media

EXP-0008-G Redefining Content for an Always-On World

EXP-0008-H: The "Procedural": Television and Crime

EXP-0009-C The Borgias Legacy: Power and Politics on Showtime

EXP-0009-F Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Play

EXP-0009-J Iranian Culture: Music, Food, Poetry and More

EXP-0013-F Improv Beyond the Stage

EXP-0015-F Fashion as Art

EXP-0016-UF Exposed: Exploring Alternative Photography

EXP-0018-F Guerilla Performance Art & Politics

EXP-0020-F Universal Design: Accessibility and the User Experience

EXP-0021-F Brain Sciences of the Future

EXP-0022-GF Decoding Science

EXP-0023-F Pharmacology and Therapeutics

EXP-0024-GF Creation, Fabrication, and Problem Solving

EXP-0025-F Water at Risk: Flint and Beyond

EXP-0026-F Energy: Technology, Consumption, and Climate Change

EXP-0032-XF Personal Career Development

EXP-0033-XF Tufts Community Emergency Response Training

EXP-0035-XAF Basic R.A.D.

EXP-0035-XBF Basic R.A.D.

EXP-0040-GF Race in Human Development

EXP-0041-F Sex Ed: From Pre-K to Grade 12

EXP-0042-F Re-Thinking Disability: From Public Policy to Social Movements

EXP-0044-F Reproductive Health: Gender, Race, and Inequality

EXP-0045-F Love and Blood: Perspectives on Adoption

EXP-0046-F Philanthropy, Nonprofits and Community

EXP-0048-F Women and Water: Fighting for Environmental Justice

EXP-0049-F Power, Policy, and the Digital Age

EXP-0051-XF PNDP On Assignment: Wonderland

EXP-0052-XF PR & Marketing: Unraveling the Spin

EXP-0054-F The Aesthetics of Commercial Culture

EXP-0055-XF Film Criticism: Art and Practice

EXP-0056-XF Fiction into Film: Adaption, Transmigration, or Recreation

EXP-0057-F Making Time: Temporality in Cinema

EXP-0058-GF History of Mental Illness on Stage and Screen

EXP-0059-F Persuasive Politics

EXP-0061-GF Circus and Society

EXP-0062-GF American Witches

EXP-0064-XF/EXP-0164-XF Research Ethics and Methodology

EXP-0065-F Food, Culture, and Society

EXP-0068-F Fight/Flight: African American History Through a Fugitive Lens

EXP-0070-F Accused: The Gap Between Law and Justice

EXP-0080-F The Future of the Music Industry

EXP-0090-AF Leading an Explorations Seminar

EXP-0090-BF Leading a Perspectives Seminar

EXP-0090-F Teaching a Seminar

EXP-0090-TF Teaching Assistants Workshop

EXP-0091-XAF Inquiry Teaching Group: Mentor High School Students and Design a Role-Playing Simulation

EXP-0091-XF EPIIC - Order and Chaos: Diplomacy and Force in a Changing World

EXP-0096-F Auditing for Breadth

EXP-0102-F Advanced Digital Media

EXP-0192-F Independent Study

EXP-0192-PF Independent Study

EXP-0194-FF CMS Senior Project

EXP-0194-HF CMS Senior Project