Fall 2015 Courses

(Updated: 07/28/2015)

Unless otherwise noted, for distribution credit, go to Student Services and request a petition form.

EXP-0003-F Storytelling: Narrative and the Oral Tradition

EXP-0005-F An Introduction to Translation: Practice and Theory

EXP-0006-F Social Justice Through Young Adult Fiction

EXP-0007-F Writing Fellowship Seminar

EXP-0012-F Argentine Tango: Culture, Music, and the Dance

EXP-0013-F Improv: Applications Beyond the Stage

EXP-0014-F Circus and Society

EXP-0018-F Personal Career Development

EXP-0020-F Pharmacology and Therapeutics

EXP-0023-F Human Development in the Digital Age

EXP-0024-F Creation, Fabrication, and Problem Solving

EXP-0027-F Human/Animal Studies

EXP-0030-F Neuroscience and Criminal Justice

EXP-0033-F Tufts Community Emergency Response Team

EXP-0035-AF Rape Aggression Defense

EXP-0035-BF Weisse/Robertson. Rape Aggression Defense

EXP-0042-F The Social Psychological Dimensions of White Supremacy

EXP-0044-F Biased Bodies: The Exclusion of "the Female" in Science and Research

EXP-0046-F Philanthropy, Nonprofits, and Community

EXP-0048-F The Refugee Journey

EXP-0049-F Days of Rage: The Weather Underground and American Terrorism

EXP-0050-CF Social Media: Participatory Culture and Content Creation

EXP-0051-F Narrative and Documentary Practice

EXP-0052-CF PR and Marketing: Unraveling the Spin

EXP-0053-F Documentary: History, Theory, and New Directions

EXP-0054-CF Movie Stars and Stardom: A Cultural History

EXP-0055-CF/FMS-0022 Media Literacy

EXP-0057-F War Stories: Grunt Lit, Hollywood, and the Making of the U.S. Military

EXP-0059-F On the Record: Communicating for the Government

EXP-0060-F O Pais Tropical: Brazilian Politics and Culture

EXP-0062-F Iraq: Firsthand Perspectives of A State in Flux

EXP-0064-F/EXP-0164-F Ethics in Human Subjects Research

EXP-0070-F The Law of Search and Seizure in the Digital Age

EXP-0072-F Bad Parents, Troubled Children: Child Abuse and the Law

EXP-0076-F Accused: The Gap Between Law and Justice

EXP-0090-AF Teaching Explorations

EXP-0090-BF Teaching Perspectives

EXP-0090-TF Teaching Assistant Workshop

EXP-0091-AF Inquiry Teaching Group

EXP-0091-F EPIIC: The Future of Europe

EXP-0096-F Auditing for Breadth

EXP-0099-CF Media Internships

EXP-0101-CF: Advanced Filmmaking

EXP-0102-CF: Advanced Digital Media

EXP-0110-F Communicating Change: The Tufts 1+4 Bridge Year Experience

EXP-190-AF: CMS Senior Colloquium

EXP-190-BF: CMS Senior Colloquium

EXP-0192-F Independent Study

EXP-0192-PF: Independent Study

EXP-0194-HF CMS Senior Project

EXP-0194-FF CMS Senior Project