Alumni: Where Are They Now?

What do Meredith Vieira and the Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education have in common?

Meredith Vieira Kathleen McCartney

In May of 2008, Meredith Vieira spoke at the Tufts Commencement ceremony about her path to becoming a national broadcast journalist and host of NBC's Today Show. It began, she said, with a course on broadcast journalism (taught through the ExCollege). Read the full text of her commencement address. At that same Commencement ceremony was Kathleen McCartney, new President of Smith College and a member of the Tufts Board of Trustees. As a Tufts undergrad, she taught an Explorations seminar with Bruce Reitman, now Tufts Dean of Students, titled, "The Psychology of Sex Roles or What to Do with a Raised Consciousness." Both Ms. Vieira and Dr. McCartney have spoken about the importance of their ExCollege experiences in their lives. Tell us, what do YOU remember from your ExCollege experience?


William M. Abrams
Then: Taught introduction to journalism
Now: President of Trickle Up, a non-profit in New York City

Allison Boggs, A89
Then: ExCollege Board Member 1988-1989
Now: Reporter for the Spolesman Review Newspaper in Spokane, Washington.

Rob Burnett, A84
Then: Taught ExCollege course "Twentieth Century Humor"
Now: Executive Producer, "David Letterman Show"

Chris Golden, A89
Then: Taught Exploration seminar "Shadows - A Survey of Horror in Contemporary Culture" with Alex Schwartz
Now: Writer

Gustavo I Gómez, LA01
Then: CMS Minor, producer of feature length documentary film on Basque politics and terrorism, now in post-production along with Spanish TV Station Euskal Telebista.
Now: Founder and CEO of Interart SL, a multimedia company focused on film distribution, theatre production and talent management in Madrid, Spain. Co-founder of Möbius CVC, a Private Equity Management Company, in Madrid, Spain. Websites: and

Jeff Greenstein, A84
Then: Taught ExCollege course: "An Introduction to Film Study"
Now: Television Writer and Producer. Shows include "Will and Grace" and "Friends"

Julie Salamon, J75
Then: Taught Exploration seminar
Now: Author

J. Alexander Schwartz, A89
Then: Taught Exploration seminar "Shadows: A Survey of Horror in Contemporary Culture" with Chris Golden
Now: Senior Editor for economics and law at the University of Chicago Press.

Joshua Seftel, A90
Then: Taught Exploration seminar "Woody Allen Through the Years"
Now: Independent Film Maker.

Gary Snoonian, A89
Then: Taught a course in TV production at the ExCollege in 1999.
Now: Line Producer of the Fox improv-sitcom "Freeride"

Jeff Strauss, A84
Then: Taught ExCollege course: "An Introduction to Film Study"
Since Then: Television Writer and Producer on "Friends"

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Government & Law

Matt Bronfman, A88
Then: Served two years on the ExCollege Board
Now: Lawyer in real estate development and acquisitions for a company called Jamestown in Atlanta, GA

Nanda Chitre, A85
Then: Taught Exploration seminar "The Fate of the Earth: Living With Nuclear Weapons"
Since then: Worked at the Justice Department, the State Department and the White House as Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary for President Clinton. Worked as part of the writing group for the television show "The West Wing". Taught a course at the ExCollege on Press Secretaries, Press Corps, and Public Policy

Debra Moss Curtis, J89
Then: Taught first-year Explorations seminar "Science Fiction and Fantasy" with Michael Simon
Now: President of the Tufts Lawyers Association, an alumni group dedicated to connecting attorney alumni and serving the Tufts and local communities through education. Professor of Law at Nova Southeastern University Law Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Jason Dickstein, A89
Then: Taugh Exploration seminar "Order in Chaos" with David Reyna
Now: Aviation Attorney and Consultant. Frequent lecturer in the aviation industry on issues ranging from hazardous materials (I teach a certification course) to intellectual property.

Dan Feldman, A89
Then: Served on the ExCollege Board
Now: Communications adviser and counsel to Senate Governmental Affairs Committee and staff to U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

Sandra Fried, J01
Then: Served on the ExCollege Board
Now: Graduated in '04 from Brooklyn Law School; working as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, NY

Candice Greenberg, A94
Then: Served on the ExCollege Board for 2 years and worked as office assistant for 3 years.
Now: Executive Director of Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto, CA

Jon James, A81
Then: Taught Explorations seminar "So You Want To Be a Lawyer?"
Now: Attorney and General Counsel

Frank Huang, A97
Then: Taught Exploration seminar "Adolescent Sexuality" with Collete Martin, A96; Ex College Intern 1997-98
Now: Finished second year at Golden Gate Univesity School of Law and is interning at Yahoo! Inc.

Dave London , A90
Then: Taught Explorations seminar "Group Dynamics and Creative Problem Solving "
Now: Senior Enforcement Counsel at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission

Lynn S. Muster, J90
Then: Taught Exploration seminar "Political Cultures of the U.S. & Soviet Union"; Coordinator of Tufts/Newton South/Micheljohn Foundation Symposium.
Now: Senior Staff Attorney at the Massachusetts Appeals Court; member of Ex College Alumni Council.

Bill Richardson, A70, F71
Then: Taught a Freshman Seminar
Since then: Served as U.S. Secretary of Energy
Now: Governor of New Mexico

Jayson Shore
Then: Please remind us...
Now: Finishing law school at the University of Ottowa, then planning to study abroad in either London or Jerusalem. Email him at

Amy Stein, J85
Then: On the Ex College board from 1983-1985. Taught an Exploration called "From Marconi to MTV."
Now: Professor of Legal Research and Writing at Hofstra Law School

Emily Durand Woodward, J96
Then: Was a first-year Explorations student and co-taught an Explorations seminar senior year ("The Final Cut: Adapting Literature to Film"). Was the ExCollege Program Assistant 1996-97 and taught Intellectual Property in Business and Society, The Supreme Court in American Life.
Now: Business Unit Counsel, Fresenius Medical Care North America; Healthcare Attorney in Arlington, MA.

Mara Youdelman
Then: Student coordinator for the Explorations Program for two summers (1989, 1990) and taught an Explorations class on leadership in the fall of 1990 with Kirsten Chadwick.
Now: Staff Attorney and Project Director of the National Language Access Advocacy Project at National Health Law Program in Silver Spring, MD and Washington, DC

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Information Technology

Turhan Canli, A88
Then: Taught ExCollege course: "The Neuroscience of Learning and Memory"
Now: Creator of musicians and bands on the Internet
Visiting Scholar -Dept of Psychology, Stanford University.

Steven Koltai, A76 F78
Then: Please remind us...
Now: Member of the Board of Overseers for Arts, Sciences and Technology at Tufts. He is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of CyberStudios (, the largest collection of independent, experienced Web Commerce Environments (tm) that are targeted to particular Communities of Interest. Email him at

Ken Kreitzer, E90
Then: Please remind us...
Now: Currently a systems engineer for Informix Software, Inc. in Burlington, MA. Email him at

Deb Rappaport
Then: Please remind us...
Now: Product Planner, Geography group, Microsoft

Dexter Strong, A81
Then: Taught Exploration seminar "The Modernization of Man," was an ExCollege Board member, tries to stay in touch.
Now: Senior Director Commercial Data Management at Sepracor, Inc., a Boston area pharmaceutical company

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Science and Medicine

Seth Ammerman, A76
Then: Taught "Lichen Ecology and Biology" and "Lichens and Local Flora" at the ExCollege
Now: Working as a pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist at Stanford University and Lucille Packard Children's Hospital

Stacy Frauwirth, BSOT90
Then: Taught an Explorations course on Drugs and Society (1988 and 1989) with Joanne Heyman
Now: Doctoral student in occupational science at the University of Southern California and Assistant Professor of occupational therapy at Domincan University of California

Pete Khang, A93
Then: Taught a Perspectives Class; Was an Orientation Coordinator.
Now: in last year of Medical School, applying to Family Medicine Residencies in the Los Angeles area for next year, plans to become an educator in the field of Family Medicine

Eric J. Murphy, A02
Then: Taught a course for undergraduates in Observational Astronomy (twice); Served on the ExCollege Board.
Now: In a doctoral program in Astronomy at Yale University. Email him at

Jamie Ostroff, J82
Then: Served on the ExCollege Board for two years
Since then: Received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Vanderbilt University
Now: Chief of Behavioral Sciences Service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

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Aron Cramer, A84
Then: Board member 1983-84; taught first-year Explorations seminar on Media and Politics the fall of 1983.
Now: President and CEO of Business for Social Responsibility, a non-profit business association that promotes corporate social responsibility in Berkeley and San Francisco, CA.

Robert S. Gatof, A81
Then: Taught Experimental College Course, "Introduction to Constitutional Law - Brown to Roe v. Wade"
Now: President Northland Investment Corporation and previously lawyer for 14 years specializing in mergers and acquisitions and corporate law

Peter Hartzell, A85
Then: Served on ExCollege Board in 1984-1985
Now: Working for Cummins, Inc. division in Canterbury, England, developing new power generation business

Diane Hessan
Then: Took many ExCollege Courses; spent a lot of time there while at Tufts, and taught marketing there in the 1970s. Stays in touch with Robyn, and recently, on her daughter's first day as a Tufts freshman, marched her right over to the ExCollege and suggested that she make it a part of her Tufts Experience.
Now: President & CEO, Communispace Corporation in Watertown, MA

Jamie Horowitz
Then: Taught an ExCollege course and served as a Board member.
Now: Works in business plan development for private companies seeking investment capita; Venture Architects LLC in New York, NY and Miami, FL

Sharon Joseph, J92
Then: Member of ExCollege Board 1991-1992.
Now: As co-founder and CEO of Harlem Lanes in the Harlem section of New York City, Sharon is at the forefront of the economic revitalization of this northern Manhattan community, long the heart of African American culture and commerce. Harlem Lanes opened in 2006 on 126th Street in the newly-renovated former vaudeville palace, the historic Alhambra Ballroom.

Robbin (Cantor) Kalt, J81
Then: Taught Exploration seminar "The Arts in Boston"; Served on the ExCollege Board
Now: Executive Director in IT at Morgan Stanley. Email her at

Melissa Krinzman
Then: Taught "Campaign '88: Behind the Scenes"; Member of Ex College Board
Now: President and CEO of Venture Architects, a firm that refines business strategies and writes business plans for start-up and early-stage companies. Email her at

Deanne (DeSantis) Pettinelli, E93
Then: Taught a Perspectives class; Worked as an office assistant
Now: Supervises the Construction Finance Department for Stop&Shop Supermarkets. Email her at

James Stern, E72
Then: Taught ExCollege course, "Legal Aspects of Environmental Quality", in Spring '72
Now: Chairman, Tufts Board of Trustees; Chairman, Cypress Group, a venture capitalist firm

Natalie (Rice) Sultan, J99
Then: Experimental College Board (1998-1999)
Since then: Earned MAcc, USC Leventhal School of Accounting (2005) and MBA, UCLA Anderson School of Management (2007)
Now: Manager, Business Development, E! Networks (Los Angeles, CA).

Adam Tratt
Then: ExCollege Board
Now: International Marketing/Product Planning for Cranium in Seattle, WA (check out

Daniel P. Wiener, A77
Then: Taught Exploration seminar "Beantown: Getting A Foot In The Door"
Now: Chairman, Adviser Investment Management; Editor, Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors

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Public Policy and Education

Maia Heyck Merlin, A99
Then: Served on ExCollege Board, President of Leonard Carmichael Society
Now: Vice President for Talent Development at Achievement First

Heather Alderman, J93
Then: Teacher of a Perspectives class; Member of the Ex College Board
Now: Web Content Editor and Freelancer at American Psychological Association in Arlington, VA

Sheppard Barnett, A84
Then: Taught a number of Mime classes
Now: Associate Director of Robsham Theater Arts Center; Associate Dean in the Office of Student Development at Boston College

Carl Carlsen
Then: Taught ExCollege course: "Popular Culture" in Fall 1991
Now: Community College English Professor.

Mari-Lynn Drainoni, J81
Then: Served on the ExCollege Board, taught a first-year Explorations seminar, was involved in many other ExCollege related activities and programs
Since then: Earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology from University of Massachusetts and a Ph.D. in Law, Policy, and Society from Northeastern University
Now: Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management at Boston University School of Public Health

Natalie d'Aubermont Thompson
Then: Taught an Explorations seminar "Political Oppression in Argentina, Bosnia and China"; served on the Board
Now: Recruiting, marketing and CRM efforts in Europe at Chatham Financial in London, UK

Dan Ferat, A93
Then: Taught a Perspectives seminar; worked at TUTV; took many film courses in the ExCollege
Since then: Sound Mixer in NY film industry for seven years
Now: High School English Teacher in New Jersey. Uses some of his ExCollege knowledge and experience, mixed with 8 years working in the film industry, to create a "Film as Literature" unit for senior students at the end of the year.

Janice Green
Then: Took an Explorations Class in her Freshman Year
Now: Academic Vice President of Bradford College; spent a year in Wisconsin as Interim Chief Executive Officer on one of the UW campuses; another year in a similar interim position in Massachusetts, and since then remains active consulting and as a Senior Associate with the New England Resource Center for Higher Education at UMass-Boston.

Deirde G. Rees, J69
Then: Taught three ExCollege Biology courses and was a Board member in the mid 60's.
Now: Physics/Biophysics/Government consulting in Burlington, MA

Shawn Klein, A95
Then: Took a first-year Explorations course on Jewish identity. During senior year, taught Explorations seminar "Who is John Galt: The Philosophy and Literature of Ayn Rand" (Fall 94)
Now: Philosophy Professor, Rockford College, Rockford, IL

Maia Heyck Merlin, A99
Then: Served on ExCollege Board, President of Leonard Carmichael Society
Now: Vice President, Talent Development, Achievement First

Eric Mlyn, A83
Then: Taught Exploration seminar "Decision '82: A Look at Campaigns and Elections"
Now: Director of the Duke Center for Civic Engagement/DukeEngage

Vali Nasr, A83 F84
Then: Taught ExCollege Course: "Mysticism"
Now: Professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts

Barney Schlinger, A77
Then: As an undergraduate in 1975, taught a course on the Biology of Whales and Dolphins; as a Visiting Lecturer in 1981, taught a course on the Biology of Birds.
Now: Professor and Vice-Chair of the Department of Physiological Science and Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior at UCLA.

Carol M. Wan, J98
Then: Taught Exploration seminar, "Exploring the Chinese American Identity Through Film"
Since then: Finished a dual masters degree in counseling and education.
Now: Works as Youth Program Lead Teacher at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center

Michael Wang, A99
Then: ExCollege Orientation Coordinator, LCS Executive Board, ExCollege office assistant for four years, one of the first leaders of FOCUS (Freshman Orientation CommUnity Service) Program
Now: Executive Director of the Mid-Atlantic region of Teach for America

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