About Us: The Board


The Experimental College Board sets policy, selects new courses from proposals submitted, plans campus events, and develops new initiatives for the ExCollege.

Rebecca Czaja is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies and Biology. She is Philanthropy Chair of the Tufts Freethought Society and works as a Staff Assistant at the Museum of Science, Boston. She loves music, movies, sports, and scuba diving.

Mary Davis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. An economist by training, her areas of specialization include environmental health economics, worker and children's health, and statistics.

Sarah Fields is a senior from Katonah, New York, majoring in Economics with a focus on development in South and East Asia. She attended the Asian University for Women, a pioneering women's university in Bangladesh, in its inaugural class in 2009 and has served on the board of advisors since. On campus, she focuses primarily on Hemispheres, the first undergraduate international relations journal, and LIFT, as a client advocate and VITA tax volunteer. She has remained passionate about women's education, travel, politics, and soccer throughout her life. She can't wait to be on the ExCollege board in its 50th year!

Stephen Fuchs is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology, where he teaches courses on biochemistry and molecular and cell biology. His research is focused on understanding how protein structure relates to protein function. He is happy to be joining the ExCollege Board this year.

Ken Garden is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Religion, where he teaches courses on Islam. He is completing a book on the 11th century Persian religious thinker al-Ghazali, and has also lived for over three years in the contemporary Muslim world in Egypt and Morocco. He spent the fall semester of 2011 in post-revolutionary Egypt and is considering a modern topic for his next research project.

Hong Jie Lim is a sophomore from Singapore majoring in History and Economics. On campus, he is involved with TAST and CSA. In his free time he enjoys going on long, leisurely runs. In addition, this year he sets out to learn how to cook and to play a new sport.

Noe Montez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Drama and Dance and specializing in contemporary US Latino and Latin American performance, memory and performance studies. His academic interests vary widely, however, and include sports, pop culture, food studies, and documentary performance. Professor Montez is also an accomplished stage director and production dramaturg. He is happy to be joining the ExCollege Board.

Kumar Ramanathan is a junior studying Philosophy and Urban Studies. On campus, he is involved in the Tufts Observer, the Freethought Society, Action for Sexual Assault Prevention, the Consent Culture Network, the Coalition Against Religious Exclusion, and Writing Fellows. He is passionate about movies, science, politics, and social justice education.

Marcy Regalado is a junior majoring in Engineering Psychology. Throughout her time at Tufts, she has enjoyed working behind the scenes at the ExCollege as an Office Assistant, running like a maniac for a try on the Women's Rugby team, and delving into creating positive and educative social changes on campus like her work with Africana Studies and the revised alcohol policy.

Jason Rife is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering, where he teaches and conducts research in Robotics, Navigation, and Feedback Control. In these pursuits, he spends a lot of time asking questions like, "Would you trust your car to drive itself using GPS?"

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