In addition to the four ExCollege staff members, the Experimental College Board is comprised of six faculty, six undergraduate students, and one graduate student. The Board selects new courses each semester, plans campus events, and develops new initiatives.

2017-2018 ExCollege Board

Ariel Goldberg, Chair, is Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Psycholinguistics & Linguistics Lab at Tufts University. His research interests focus on the mechanisms and representations involved in language production and how they relate to linguistic patterns found in the world's languages.

Sara Gomez is the Assistant Director of the Environmental Studies Program. Her research interests include examining how plants adjust their phenotypes in order to survive and maximize fitness in response to environmental stressors.

James Intriligator is a Professor of the Practice, Department of Mechanical Engineering. In his 13 years at Bangor University (Wales, UK), Intriligator created Europe's leading consumer psychology master's programs and co-developed several multidisciplinary design programs.

Pranav Menon is a senior majoring in English and minoring in Japanese Language and Literature. Outside of his coursework, he is an avid musician and enjoys both composing music for ensembles of various instrumentation and playing percussion with the Tufts B.E.A.T.s street percussion troupe. He previously co-taught a Perspectives first-year seminar on Star Wars.

Scott Mongold, is a senior majoring in Biopsychology and minoring in Latin. He is a research assistant at the Tufts Applied Cognition Lab, and is co-teaching an Explorations first-year seminar titled, Exercise for Nerds.

Sara Newman is a senior majoring in English. She will be teaching her second peer-taught course through the ExCollege in the Spring 2018 semester.

Madeline Oliff is a sophomore interested in Sociology and American Studies. On campus, you can find her guiding tours for prospective students, hosting a show at WMFO, or dancing in Burlesque.

Kyle Paul is a senior Film and Media Studies major. He previously co-taught a Perspectives first-year seminar on Star Wars.

James Rizzi is a PhD candidate in English Literature at Tufts University. James is currently working on a dissertation that examines poetic and dramatic portrayals of women's physicality in early modern England and representations of domestic abuse as economic disruption.

Claire Schub is a Senior Lecturer in French in the Department of Romance Languages. Her expertise includes 20th- and 21st- century French and Francophone literature and Women's Studies.

Natalie Shapero is Professor of the Practice in the Department of English. Her recent publications include No Object (Saturnalia Books, 2013).

Hermes Suen is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Cognitive Brain Sciences. He is actively involved in entrepreneurship at Tufts and part of the prize-winning -sPARK+ Technologies team participating in the Gordon Institute’s $100K New Ventures Competition. He is also co-teaching an Explorations first-year seminar on Stand-Up Comedy.

Jill Weinberg is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and an affiliated scholar at the American Bar Foundation in Chicago, IL. She examines the decriminalization through social process, focusing on the ways groups use rules, norms, and the language of consent and choice.